The Planar marine diesel heaters are a great way to extend your boating season. 

Planar diesel heaters 
are designed to provide instant heat to the interior of any type of boat. commercial + pleasure.

If you are looking for a marine diesel heater, we highly recommend checking out the Planar Diesel heaters.


Planar Heaters have been in the BC market for over a decade now, and have a proven track record and a price point that can't be beaten.


Passage Marine carries a full line of Planar Heaters, along with all of the accessories you’ll need for the perfect installation. Shop now and stay warm all year long!



Forced air and hydronic heaters allow you to safely heat up the boat without having to run the boat engine. These heaters are a cost effective way to keep your vessel warm and dry whether you're on the hook, underway or tied to the dock!

service + parts
quiet operation
dial + digital controls
installation kit included
efficient performance 




Is no noisier than other heaters and puts out great quantities of heat. I can feel the movement of air out of the registers unlike some heaters where you can feel warmth but only very slight air movement. Digital thermostat maintains desired temp. 

choosing the right heater

There are many factors when choosing the right heater for your boat. A heater that is too small for a boat will work hard to meet the demand called by the thermostat. This will cause it to run excessively, creating maintenance problems due to wear.


If the heater is too big, it will be prone to short cycle. This is when the burner section does not run long enough for its proper heat-up. Burners must be run up to operating temperature and there is a minimum run time for this to occur. If the burners optimum running temperature is not reached, the unit will run inefficiently and it will be prone to carbon buildup which can lead to extra maintenance.


Proper placement and sizing of ducting and venting also makes all the difference. We can help with all your heater needs, from choosing the correct unit to installing and plumbing it to create the most efficient heat possible. Passage Marine can help you extend your boating and fishing season. 

forced air vs. hydronic

Forced Air heaters spread heat into the cabin areas directly from the heater or the ducting and vents.

Hydronic heaters heat up water which is circulated into the cabin spaces via coolant hoses to individual zones (radiator and fan assembly).

live aboards

We highly recommend the hydronic heaters are used for live aboards. The air heaters have no way to store the warm air, and therefore require that the burner be used every time heat is needed. Leading to excessive run time and maintenance issues. The hydronic systems are designed to maintain a large supply of hot water providing a thermal mass to store heat. This cuts down on burner run time, and provides a good heating system.


A properly selected heater will make all the difference. Not only will it run better and cost less, the system will work well and you will be a happy + warm.

efficient performance 

PLANAR Air heater

Metering fuel pump with fuel lines and wire harness

Fuel tank, 7L.

Control panel: dial or digital

Wire harness assembly

Exhaust flexible pipe, stainless

Exhaust muffler

Combustion air intake silencer

Set of fasteners and hardware

Instruction manual












For heating up to 25 ft. boats, commercial trucks, campers, vans. These diesel air heaters comes with the opition of a dial or digital controller. Included with each heater is a basic installation kit and operation manual. There are two modifications: 12 V and 24 V.